Single point of control

COSMOS provides a single point of control for your organisation’s business-critical document management workflows and processes. The easily integrated single point of control provides processes to configure, monitor and manage business critical documents from start to finish. Built for true end-to-end operation, COSMOS is compatible with almost any application.

Flexible integration and automation platform

The best way to meet information logistics' challenges is through automation of document intensive processes utalizing COSMOS, a powerful and flexible solution.


70% of enterprises struggle with end-to-end management of document-intensive processes

Automated workflows

With COSMOS we can design automated systems and workflows to streamline the creation and processing of digital and paper documents. It offers flexibility to meet both current and future requirements; from automation of simple processes to orchestrating complete document processes.

A wide range of applications

COSMOS is suitable for a wide range of industries. Examples include:

Manufacturing – providing labels of high quality in a timely manner
Logistics – production of packing and shipping documentation
Banking – sending and tracking print jobs to external print service providers
Insurance – automation of claim/ refund handling process

Control and flexibility

COSMOS easily integrates with your existing applications and workflows, helping you become more responsive and ready for future changes.

End-to-end control

Get complete visibility of your organisation’s document management workflows with detailed reports and insights, plus smart error-identification and fewer failures.

Reduce business costs

Save money with advanced automation tools, intelligent error-detection and better resource management, reducing the need for human intervention.

Maximum compatibility with existing and future applications

Built on Java

From legacy applications to future software releases, COSMOS uses a Java architecture to ensure maximum compatibility with existing and future applications.

SAP-ERP connector

COSMOS is certified compatible with SAP ERP solutions, letting you accept, analyse and transfer any data output from your SAP solution.