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June 2020 | Press Release

NT-ware COSMOS 2.9 - Enhanced user experience, improved security and cloud connectivity

NT-ware COSMOS integrates and automates business-relevant processes and applications into one manageable and consistent workflow. Due to unique business requirements, workflows can be fully automated, invoking the different processes and applications at the right moment based on pre-defined rules.

With a clean, fresh look, the new NT-ware COSMOS Web-Client is a big step towards simplified configuration for admins. The intuitive user interface ensures smooth navigation through all Web-Client features.

The new SFTP input channel reduces the required customization effort, to enable secure FTP connections and provides a pre-configured and secured FTP connection to ensure secure communication. With the upcoming release, an additional adapter has been implemented to extend the range of connected cloud services.

The NT-ware COSMOS CSI adapter delivers a connection to a variety of scan destinations, including Box, DropBox, Evernote®, Google Drive™, Microsoft OneDrive® for Business, and Microsoft SharePoint® Online. The updated NT-ware COSMOS Therefore™ adapter allows customers to utilize Therefore™ Online as an additional cloud-based service.

A new HTTP execution process combines existing and additional HTTP execution methods into one single operation. Apart from the release of NT-ware COSMOS 2.9, NT-ware launches a new dedicated website to provide product information and keep customers up to date.

NT-ware COSMOS 2.9 key features

  • Brand new NT-ware COSMOS Web-Client
  • Easy integrable SFTP Input channel
  • Cloud connectivity with the new CSI adapter
  • Connect to Therefore™ Online
  • Additional HTTP execute methods

Cloud connectivity with the new CSI adapter

The implementation of the uniFLOW CSI interface (Connectivity Services Interface) enables NT-ware COSMOS to communicate with a variety of cloud destinations.

To store, send, and retrieve data online, companies can easily integrate the following cloud destinations into their business practices:

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive™
  • Evernote®
  • Microsoft OneDrive® / One Drive® for Business
  • Microsoft SharePoint® Online

Connect to Therefore™ Online

Support for an additional cloud-based destination has been added to the NT-ware COSMOS 2.9 release. The updated Therefore™ adapter enables customers to store, send, and retrieve data online, utilizing Therefore Online.

Additional HTTP execution methods

A new single HTTP execution process has been implemented that combines existing and additional HTTP execution methods to replace old and single executable processes. Newly available HTTP execution methods are GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, OPTIONS, and TRACE.

Continuous improvement

The core NT-ware COSMOS functionalities are constantly improved. Many smaller enhancements and bug fixes are also included with the NT-ware COSMOS 2.9 release. For any questions, please contact marketing@nt-ware.com.

November 2019 | Press Release

NT-ware Enterprise Solutions acquires the NT-ware COSMOS business

Today NT-ware Systemprogrammierungs-GmbH announces the recent transition of the NT-ware COSMOS business from Canon Europe to NT-ware Enterprise Solutions GmbH in Stuttgart, which is a 100% subsidiary of NT-ware. The official acquisition date is August 1, 2019. NT-ware, developers of the leading print and scan management applications uniFLOW and uniFLOW Online, aim to strengthen its already powerful software portfolio into the enterprise space, and benefit from the high knowledge and skill set of the NT-ware COSMOS employees.

NT-ware COSMOS - Taking control of business-critical document processes

The NT-ware COSMOS software is a highly flexible workflow management application that can equip customers with a secure, unified and well-managed document input and output processing system. It can help embrace digital delivery systems, enhance customer information, and integrate all critical document processes into one streamlined system. Customers can leverage their existing software tools and processes by allowing NT-ware COSMOS to centrally control multiple processes through them. With bi-directional communication, results are monitored, checked and validated. Improving customers’ competitive edge and shortening customer response times.

NT-ware COSMOS is ideal for applications across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, banking, insurance and logistics. With its certified SAP connections NT-ware COSMOS can accept, analyze and transfer any data output from the SAP Output Management System and convert it into nice looking documents before they are sent for printing or email distribution. All data output is accurately routed and tracked by NT-ware COSMOS.

Stronger together

By adding NT-ware COSMOS to its portfolio and investing in its future, NT-ware expands its base in the enterprise and production print market segment. Furthermore, by integrating some of the advanced NT-ware COSMOS technologies, like the highly flexible workflow engine and enterprise ERP connections, into uniFLOW on-premise and its public cloud solution, uniFLOW Online, NT-ware can expand their enterprise reach as well.

‘By integrating the NT-ware COSMOS product and technology in our core products uniFLOW and uniFLOW Online, and by utilizing our proven support structures, we have the opportunity to expand the NT-ware COSMOS business globally,’ says Karsten Huster, President and CEO of NT-ware. ‘In addition, NT-ware COSMOS customers can profit from uniFLOW technology becoming available in NT-ware COSMOS, and from NT-ware’s experience in developing public cloud solutions.’

About NT-ware

NT-ware, a Canon Europe company, now employs more than 160 people, spread across offices in Bad Iburg, New York, Singapore and Tokyo. With more than 20 years of experience, NT-ware develops the market leading print and scan management applications uniFLOW and uniFLOW Online, and closely collaborates with Canon on future developments.

For any questions please contact marketing@nt-ware.com.

March 2019 | Press Release

What's new with NT-ware COSMOS 2.8

NT-ware COSMOS 2.8 developments have had a strong focus on updating the platform's robustness. This means upgrades in the platform's performance and easier deployment management. And with the new REST API the standardization of interactions with external applications is greatly enhanced.

NT-ware COSMOS 2.8 key features

  • NT-ware COSMOS Deployment Manager
  • Single point of configuration option
  • Performance and Security
  • Connector developments

NT-ware COSMOS Deployment Manager
The new Deployment Manager controls the deployment of complete configurations (including files, properties, database content, etc.) from one NT-ware COSMOS server to another in a structured and automated manner. It is used primarily to get configurations of workflows and all related resources from Development into Test, into Production, and to ensure the Backup server always has the exact same versioned configuration compared to the Production system. The mechanism works through a GIT based version control system, allowing the user not only to easily move configurations from one system to another, but also to put previous or future configurations 'active'. And the control systems allows the tracking of changes in configuration versions. A set of standard workflows is included that can be used to automate specific deployment steps. An example workflow is the scheduler, which allows the storage of a configuration at a specific time. The standard set of workflows can be modified to create customization.

NT-ware COSMOS SFTP Input channel
With the new NT-ware COSMOS Single Point of Configuration option (SPOC) the possibility is offered to manage all configurations in one central system. From here the configurations are distributed across all NT-ware COSMOS systems. This can be especially useful in a DTAP architecture where configuration management is crucial and manual modification of configurations on each individual server can be time consuming and risky. With the SPOC each server recognizes which role it plays in the total environment based on e.g. its host name or IP address, and selects the relevant configuration based on this role.

NT-ware COSMOS SDK (Software Development Kit) documentation has been upgraded making it easier for external developers to build their own applications with NT-ware COSMOS.

The new NT-ware COSMOS REST API adapter (an API which complies to the REST architecture) allows a secure and standardized method of creating interactions between NT-ware COSMOS and other applications. It offers an easy to use, easy to understand and well documented set of HTTP endpoints which makes it possible to access, manage and execute any NT-ware COSMOS server resources such as jobs, workflows, logs, packages and console commands in a secure way - in simple JSON format.

Performance and Security
Overall stability and performance of the system in high demand environments is a key development area. Many fixes were done in this area with some of the highlights being:

  • Log4J 2 logging: upgrade to log4j2, a new strategy for saving LOG files which improves throughput through an efficient and stable way of creating log files.
  • Grid enhancements: update 3rd party library hazelcast to version 3.9 with diagnostic/management capabilities.
  • New Classifier: the new event triggered classifier reduces idling time to zero resulting in a reduced classification time. Our tests have proved an improvement by a factor of 10.
  • Client Update: the NT-ware COSMOS client is now based on a new version of Eclipse. This increases compatibility with a number of current operating systems.

Security upgrades:

With the help of the Canon EMEA Information Security Department's and external product testing a new security baseline for NT-ware COSMOS has been defined. This has resulted in a number of priority improvements upgrading the security level of the product as well as a new NT-ware COSMOS security white paper.

Connector developments

  • The following connectors and processes have been updated:
  • New ObjectifLune Connect adapter: supporting Objectif Lune REST Webservices.
  • New ZUGFeRD process: for processing PDF/A invoices in ZUGFeRD format.
  • New NT-ware COSMOS Rest API adapter: secure and standardized method of creating interactions between NT-ware COSMOS and other applications.
  • Updated PDF processes.
  • Updated Therefore 2017 adapter.
  • Updated Quadient Inspire adapter and cElement.