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Certified SAP integration

NT-ware COSMOS offers a SAP certified ABAP Add-On integration. NT-ware COSMOS links SAP to your chosen output management system e.g. PRISMA, uniFLOW, Quadient, ObjectifLune, and can accept, analyze and transfer output data from SAP, offering advanced back channel communication to SAP. Additionally, it can enrich the SAP data using external sources, such as CRM environments, data archives or composition applications, and store the digital documents back into SAP or an external document archive.

With NT-ware COSMOS we have fundamentally restructured and centralized our output management based on SAP.
Sylvio Reh, Head of Integrated Business Services, VON ARDENNE GmbH

Customers benefit from NT-ware COSMOS SAP certification

Through our SAP S/4 HANA certified integration NT-ware COSMOS offers the possibility of optimizing the output management process of business-critical documents from SAP. We specialize in handling SAP data to ensure documents are delivered to the right place, at the right time and in the right format:

By reducing human interventions:

  • The risk of errors is reduced
  • Processing will be quicker
  • Higher security levels will be reached
  • Costs will decrease



In addition, NT-ware COSMOS provides

  • Production tracking and tracing
  • End to end process control
  • Automated error handling