Take control of your business-critical document processes
Experience the power and flexibility of NT-ware COSMOS
Process automation. Process control. Process transparency.

How NT-ware COSMOS works

NT-ware COSMOS solves your information logistics challenges by integrating and managing individual applications in one platform, with a single point of control, and automating repetitive processes in configurable workflows. It comprises two major application areas:

Automation and integration toolbox

  • Easy workflow configuration
  • Pre-defined connectors
  • Based on industry standards
  • Economic and efficient customization

Document process platform

  • Unmatched performance and scalability
  • Central process monitoring
  • Track and trace
  • Integrating isles of automation

Built on Java

From legacy applications to future software releases, NT-ware COSMOS uses a Java architecture to ensure maximum compatibility with both existing and future applications.

Automated workflows

With NT-ware COSMOS we can design automated systems and workflows to streamline the creation and processing of digital and paper documents. It offers flexibility to meet both current and future requirements, from automation of simple processes to orchestrating complete document processes.

Robust system architecture

NT-ware COSMOS offers the scalability and high availability your organization needs to ensure resilient business-critical document management processes:

  • Multiple NT-ware COSMOS servers can be linked in a 'grid' to work seamlessly together which ensures the entire platform remains functional.
  • The number of job processors can be enhanced to increase throughput.
  • NT-ware COSMOS can also load balance multiple other applications to ensure high throughput and guarantee uptime should any of these applications fail.