uniFLOW Embedded Applet for Konica Minolta now available in the Americas

The uniFLOW Embedded Applet for Konica Minolta provides a device-integrated solution enabling job release, from a secure print queue, and print accounting for Konica Minolta devices.

With the availability of the uniFLOW Embedded Applet for Konica Minolta in the Americas, the uniFLOW multi-vendor device option is further enhanced. In addition to Canon, Samsung, OKI and Xerox devices, users can now print and release documents on Konica Minolta devices in a secure and managed way.

uniFLOW Universal Driver One Driver for All
Managed by uniFLOW, Konica Minolta devices can be easily integrated into your print fleet. It means users can print using just a single driver for the entire fleet; all print jobs will follow users from device to device irrespective of the make or model. As costs can be tracked accurately by uniFLOW, internal costs can be charged back correctly by the Finance Department and current usage audited.

Personal Secure Print Queue

With the uniFLOW Embedded Applet for Konica Minolta, users can authenticate at a device using a PIN code, card login or username/password. Upon authentication, users can view a list of their print jobs that have been stored on the uniFLOW server. They can opt to release or retain print jobs or simply delete them from the queue.


Cost Center Selection

Easy selection of single-level cost centers at the device ensures correct allocation of printing costs. Users simply select the cost center for their department or a specific project on the device screen before printing.




Key Features & Benefits of the uniFLOW Embedded Applet for Konica Minolta
    Various ways of print job submission
    Device integrated secure printing
    Print accounting
    Support for native scanning
    Single-level cost center selection