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The Mobile Printing - Hotel example workflow shows an easy way to enable printing for environments with many floating users such as e.g. hotels. The described workflow offers the possibility to print secure documents either on a MEAP enabled ImageRunner or even without the necessity of a MEAP enabled device. Print jobs can be released simply by allowing access to the network from the mobile devices.


Workflow Description:

A user sends an Email with an attachment to be printed to the Email address
The user receives a confirmation Email containing a unique job code to pick up the print job.
The user walks to the device and enters the unique Job Code
oeither in the Release Queue Management (RQM) web, or
oin the Job Code display of a MEAP enabled device

and releases the job.

For more information on how to release a secure job with a Job Code on a Canon imageRunner, refer to the chapter Allow Secure Jobs via Job Code

If the user has sent an attachment which could not be printed, the user receives an email message containing this information.


At no point does a user account get created. Anyone can send an email and the uniFLOW database will not get filled up with loads of users.

Each attachment will be treated as a separate print job, so if the email has two attachments, the user will get two Emails back with two job codes.

Note that the release only works on the Release Queue Management. The RQM can either be accessed by a PC next to the printer or directly from the users mobile device, as long as the user gets access to the hotel's network. Read more about RQM on a mobile device in chapter Mobile Release.


Create an Email address on the hotel's Email server which is to be used to send documents to print.
Install a PostScript driver for your output device on your uniFLOW Server.
Install a Universal Driver (PS) printing to a NUL: port.
Install™ on the uniFLOW Server.™ is required to carry out the file conversion for many different file formats.


Workflow Configuration:


You can either configure the workflows yourself by following the description below, or you can download the described workflow here and amend it to your requirements.

Configure the output device in uniFLOW using any Secure Output Printer printer wizard. In each of these printer wizards, you will find a step with the setting Hidden in WQM / RQM. If this is set to No, the printer will be shown in the Mobile Release Queue Management.

Configure the Universal Driver (PS) in uniFLOW using the printer wizard Secure Print - Input Printer.

Open the Advanced Printer Configuration and change the Printing Workflow Role as follows:


Ensure that you establish the connections between the different workflow elements as shown in the following graphic.

Please note the different child connections of the Check Job Properties workflow element that lead to different workflows for native and PDF files. The settings of each workflow element are described after the graphic.


Click to expand.


Analyze Job (Standard)
Generate unique code
Identify user by Job Code
oIdentification Mode: Use Anonymous Code if code is unknown
oAnonymous Code: 10101
Check Job Property
oJP_JobName ^{\.pdf}$ -> PDF
-> Native

PDF workflow part:

oOutput Format: PDF

Native file workflow part:

Dear {EmailSender},
the attached document you sent could not be converted into a printable format.
Please send a different file format.
This print workflow supports basically all file formats, Open OfficeTM supports.
Best regards
Document could not be printed
oRecipients TO: {EmailSender}
oSend Method: SMTP
Send Email
Dear hotel guest {EmailSender},
thanks very much for sending your document to our printer at reception.
Your document has entered the secure queue of our print server.
To pick up your print job, enter your Job Code at the release station next to the printer or use your mobile device and browse to:
Enter the following job code: "{JobCode}"
If printing this document wasn't desired, you can either delete the job on the release station or simply do nothing. You won't get charged.
In case you print the job, an email is sent to our staff who will charge your print jobs on a per page basis when you check out at the reception.
The print costs would then be %JobPrice% €.
Thanks very much,
your Hotel
Thanks for printing... Your Job Code: "{JobCode}"
oRecipients TO: {EmailSender}
oSend Method: SMTP
Enter Release Queue
oAllow Job Codes: Yes
Check & Charge Budget
Send Email
Dear Staff,
please charge the user {EmailSender} for the following print job:
Job Price: %JobPrice% €
Best regards,
Your uniFLOW Server
Charge Print job for user: {EmailSender}
oRecipients TO:
oSend Method: SMTP
Output Job


Configure the Email workflow role as follows:

Insert Attachment as Print Job
Delete Job


Device Agent Configuration:

In the section Other select a device agent to retrieve the Emails from the Email Server. In our example we use the device agent Load Email via POP3.

o<IP Address of the POP3 Email Server>
EMail Addresses
Update interval sec
oThe default setting is 60 seconds.