Analyze Job (Standard)

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RPS for Windows

RPS for NetWare


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Account Print Jobs
You may disable accounting in this workflow element, which means that any print jobs handled by this queue are not stored into the accounting database and are not available in statistics.
You may decide to not account print jobs using a secure print queue if you are accounting jobs for example through CPCA at the same time. In this scenario, turning off accounting here makes sense, as jobs would be double accounted otherwise.
oPrint Jobs are normally accounted - Normal behavior
oPrint Jobs are NOT accounted - Accounting is turned off for this queue
Disguise print job names
You may choose to disguise the print job names in order to prevent people from guessing the job's contents from a Secure Queue or Job Ticket Queue in the spooler. The job names will be changed to the jobs GUID in the uniFLOW system, which is meaningless to end users.
oNo - Do not change the job name in the spooler
oYes - This will change the name of the job in the Spooler with the jobs GUID


The parameter Disguise print job names is not available with the RPS for NetWare.

Remove Empty Jobs
oNo - Jobs with 0 size are normally processed
oYes - Jobs with 0 size are deleted before being processed
Area Tracking Method
Choose the method by which to track the size of plots in HPGL.
oTrack plot size by "PlotSize" command
oTrack plot size by Pen movement
oTrack plot extend by SPLOT / WebPlotter (requires XPLOT to be installed)
oTrack plot page size by SPLOT / WebPlotter (requires XPLOT to be installed)



This workflow element is used to analyze the print job. It parses the spool data, in order to identify the print jobs language. It determines the page count, copy count, finishing options, and other vital data.

Beyond that, the workflow element takes an active role in print job handling.


In all normal configurations, this workflow element should be installed, and should be installed first. Only deviate from this in special project requirements!