Check & Charge Budget

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Available in uniFLOW System:


RPS for Windows

RPS for NetWare


Available in Workflow Roles:



Licensed Module:






Useful Before:

Outputting or further evaluation


Useful After:

Identification and assignment of group/cost center



Print job charging:
It can be configured whether the actual charging of a print job takes place after job is analyzed or printed. It is only relevant when using a budget manager that does not support crediting an account and/or supports 'budget reservations' (namely HotelData).
oAfter job is analyzed (default)
When After job is analyzed is selected the workflow element debits the account directly after the job is analyzed and credits the account when the print job is canceled before printing.
oAfter job is printed
When After job is printed is chosen the workflow element only reserves the amount when the job is analyzed and debits the account only after the job is actually printed.



This workflow element performs a budget check on the print job. The budgets assigned to cost centers, groups and users are checked, in this order. In case a budget is exceeded, depending on the settings on the individual budget monitoring, the print job processing is either continued, or the print job is removed. This workflow element also triggers Email or Web pop-up notifications, in case configured for the budget monitoring.

Since this workflow element depends on the user / group / cost center to be known, it should always be executed after a user has been identified and the cost center is assigned.