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NT-ware successfully passes ISO 27001 surveillance audit and achieves ISO 27017

Press Release, March 2024
One year after their initial ISO 27001 certification, NT-ware passed the annual surveillance audit and proved compliance with the standard again. In addition, NT-ware achieved accreditation according to ISO 27017, a standard focusing on cloud security.

ISO 27001 compliance reconfirmed

NT-ware, the provider of uniFLOW Online, completed the annual surveillance audit and was confirmed to maintain compliance with this international standard. ISO 27001 is the world’s best-recognized framework for monitoring and fine-tuning an information security management system (ISMS). The measures within the scope of certification are intended to reinforce data security and protection against security breaches, thus reassuring uniFLOW Online customers that they entrust their data to a trustworthy and reliable partner.

With the successful surveillance audit, NT-ware also performed the compliance transition from the 2013 standard to the latest 2022 standard. This included several new controls and addressing any changes in the standard

NT-ware achieved ISO 27017 certification

After the first year of working under the ISO 27001 practice, NT-ware also achieved ISO 27017 certification. ISO 27017 is considered an addition to ISO 27001 and focuses on cloud compliance. As a security standard, it was developed for cloud service providers and users to make a safer cloud-based environment and reduce the risk of any security problems. With the certification, NT-ware successfully demonstrates its ability to fulfill the role of service provider of uniFLOW Online on the one hand and as a customer using cloud technologies like Office 365 or Jira by Atlassian on the other.

Having passed both audits, NT-ware could manifest further its commitment to safeguarding its customers from the severe consequences of data breaches. For validation of the certificates, please click on the following link to the BSI client directory: NT-ware profile in the BSI client directory.

Certified as the most family-friendly employer!

News, February 2023
We are proud to announce that NT-ware has once again been certified as the most family-friendly employer in the region and county of Osnabrück.

At NT-ware we care about our employees. Today a work-life balance of family and career is a primary issue so, by offering benefits that go over and above the norm, we aim to make working at NT-ware as rewarding as possible. Hopefully this allows you to maintain a healthy work-life balance, enjoy your work and will be as productive as you can. External recognition means a lot to us and shows we are on the right track when it comes to supporting you in your daily jobs.

Being certified as the most family-friendly employer will also help us recruit new colleagues and together, we can grow our business. It is great to be known as one of the best-practice examples in the region of Osnabrück. Special mention was made about our day care center, relocation assistance for employees moving from abroad to Germany and our highly flexible working hours.

Seasonal greetings and best wishes for 2023!

News, December 2022
Another year comes to an end and, in difficult times, we are all the more grateful such an amazing year; many thanks. We send Season’s Greetings and wish all of you a healthy and prosperous 2023! As always at this time of year, we have made donations to charities which support those in need.

SOS-Kinderdorf – Giving children hope and a future

The charity's main mission is to provide children with a safe environment in a children’s village family. In addition, SOS-Kinderdorf is committed as a youth welfare organization with a wide range of services, including inpatient and outpatient assistance, school and vocational training programs, and family counseling. In particular at the moment, aid is urgently needed for victims of the war in Ukraine and for those in crisis-stricken Haiti and many African countries.

Stiftung Kinderglück – Caring for children’s happiness

The organization’s work focuses on two pillars.
Kinderglück develops, plans, and implements its own projects. In addition, Kinderglück serves as a network for children's aid and functions as a contact point for youth welfare offices and institutions, children's hospitals, and children's hospice services. Close cooperation with social workers, doctors, teachers, and authorities serves as quality assurance to provide support and assistance to children and adolescents without distraction.

NT-ware attended the CHANCE job fair at the University of Applied Science Osnabrück

News, November 2022
On November 8th, 2022 Osnabrück’s University of Applied Sciences’ annual career fair took place.

Over 110 companies in different fields of expertise attended the event during the three day event. At our NT-ware booth students were able to obtain information on topics that might be relevant to future bachelor or master theses. Many students were interested in the way we develop software and in our company. Carsten Pape, from the software development team, was there to discuss our technology. It was good to meet the students in person again; hopefully we will receive lots of applications.

Interview with our QA-Specialist, Leonard!

Interview, June 2022
Leonard started as a trainee at NT-ware in 2016. Today, he is a QA specialist and tells you why he decided to join the QA department.

Hi Leonard, can you please introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Leonard and I am 25 years old. I’ve started working at NT-ware in August of 2016 as an apprentice in the Internal IT department and finished my apprenticeship in the summer of 2019. During these three years I had insight and work experience in many different departments within the company, one of them being the Quality Assurance department. With the end of my apprenticeship I decided to work as a QA Specialist, which I still do now after almost three additional years of working with NT-ware.

What are your tasks at NT-ware?

As a QA Specialist within the Sprint Team of our Quality Assurance department I work closely together with our Development Team on developing new features for our products uniFLOW and uniFLOW Online. My tasks include the planning of test scenarios, the automation of test cases via the Tosca Testsuite and manual testing of new features and components. I also still help out within certain areas of the Internal IT, as I manage the creation of new accounts for our Partner services.

Why did you choose NT-ware?

I initially started at NT-ware as an apprentice, because the headquarters are located closely to where I live, but I quickly learned about the other benefits of working here. I had no former work experience in the fields of corporate IT and software development and was happy with the way my mentors at the different departments helped me learn and gain experience. The pleasant working atmosphere made me stay with the company.

What do you like most about NT-ware?

This have to be the people that are working here. The colleagues are capable and willing to help whenever needed while the managers are competent and continuously work on improving the workflows. As an employee I feel valued and respected.

NT-ware at the PitchClub Developer Edition in Bielefeld!

News, May 2022
After the two-year break, NT-ware participated again in the Pitch Club Developer Edition in Bielefeld, Germany. The PitchClub provides a unique environment where IT companies can meet 60-80 preselected software developers in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to recruit new talents.

Companies represent their organization in short 6-minute pitches. Developers then have the opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge about a company through 1-on-1 talks with company representatives. These events occur in large and mid-sized German and Austrian cities several times a year. It is evident to NT-ware that this event is an excellent way to recruit new talents with innovative ideas. In 2022, we attended four Pitch Club events in Dortmund and Bielefeld, where our project director, Peter, showed where the uniFLOW product ranges are sold, what our market penetration strategy is, and what NT-ware aims to achieve within the next few years. Afterward, Michael, our development manager, focused on working environments in the software and quality assurance departments, highlighting the benefits of working in small teams, and presented the used toolchains. During these events, we met several software developers with a great vision matching ours at NT-ware.

Interwiew with our Training Specialist Letitia!

Interview, April 2022
Letitia has been working at NT-ware for more than 5 years. She tells us why she loves her job as a training specialist.

Hi Letitia, can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Letitia and I am a proud member of NT-ware’s Training Team. This is my 5th year and still feels like there’s a long way to go.

What are your tasks at NT-ware?

Me and my team are working to help everyone better understand the features of our products and the benefits these can provide to businesses of all sizes. In addition we produce technical training and certification for our customers and partners to ensure they can provide a consistent level of service to their customers.

Why did you choose NT-ware?

My husband was working as a Support Specialist in the company and he wouldn’t shut up about how good the company was to the customers and employees at the same time. So the first chance I got to find out for myself, I took it. One role fit my education and experience, so I applied and got accepted. I am now able to say he was right.

What do you like most about NT-ware?

The best thing NT-ware does is listen. Of course, not all problems are solved but somebody will actually hear you out and consider what you have to say when you have an idea or a request. I also like the flexibility a lot. Having children always comes with surprises and it’s convenient to be able to leave work for a few hours, take care of personal stuff and then come back to finish your work when your brain can focus on the task.

Stand united for peace

News, March 2022
The violence and destruction being caused by the military attacks on Ukraine is shocking to all of us. We share our heartfelt concerns for our colleagues and the Ukrainian people whose lifes have been deeply affected.

As part of the world-wide relief efforts supporting Ukraine, we are donating to various international aid and humanitarian organizations.

As of earlier this week, NT-ware suspended all product deliveries into Russia. We continue monitoring the fast-evolving situation and developments.

We stand united in desire for peace.

News: Our yearly donations for 2021!

News, December 2021. With 2021 coming to an end, NT-ware is allocating its annual Christmas donations. NT-ware feels it has a corporate and social responsibility to help those in need. Therefore, we make two donations each year; one is always a local donation and the other usually to a world organization. This year, NT-ware has decided to donate to the following organizations:

Afghan Children's Aid Germany (Afghanische Kinderhilfe Deutschland)

The charity's goal is to help to improve living conditions for children in Afghanistan. The charity supports local aid projects, co-financing two day-clinics and a school for pre-vocational courses. Commitment to educational needs as well as medical care alleviates current pressures and invests in the country's future. "There are many children in Afghanistan but little childhood." (The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini) 

Outpatient children's hospice service (Ambulanter Kinderhospizdienst)

The Outpatient Children's Hospice Service Osnabrück offers support to families with a child, adolescent or young adult (up to 27 years of age) who has a life-shortening illness. Volunteers who are specially qualified for this task give families the space they need to help relieve their concerns and worries. If desired, volunteers accompany families without incurring any financial burden. "For a long time, they sat there and had it hard, but they had it hard together, and that was a comfort. It still wasn't easy." (Ronia, the robber's daughter by Astrid Lindgren)

News: NT-ware at the career fair CHANCE 2021 at the University of Applied Science Osnabrück!

News, November 2021. On November 10 and 11, 2021 the annual career fair of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences took place. Over 110 companies presented themselves during the two days with different fields of expertise. Even though the fair took place online last year, we were even more excited this year to finally talk to students and lecturers on site again.

At our NT-ware booth the students could expect exciting topics, which might be very interesting for future bachelor or master theses. Many students showed interest in our software and with our colleagues from the software development as well as quality assurance area, we could talk directly about technical issues. We really enjoyed meeting the students in person again and are looking forward to receiving numerous applications.

Blog: Our NT-ware dog family makes the workday more productive!

Blog, October 2021. The Corona Pandemic has meant a lot more time at home both in Germany and globally. Many people decided to introduce a dog to their household. Now, with the return to the office, people will have to ask themselves what happens with the dog when I have to go to the office? Can I take the dog with me? Do I need to apply for a home office? Will my dog have to go to a dog sitter whilst I am out all day?

You don't have to ask these questions at NT-ware anymore. Well-behaved dogs are welcomed with open arms here. Of course, we do check with our colleagues beforehand as to whether they agree to this and to take possible allergies into consideration. A few colleagues already bring their dogs into the office from time to time. There are benefits to canine companions in the workplace.

Studies prove dogs have a positive influence in the workplace

Various international studies have proved that a dog at work triggers release of oxytocin, a stress reducing hormone which helps decrease pulse and heart rates. In addition, office dogs can lead to the following improvements:

- No loud grumbling between colleagues

- A generally calmer environment

- Memory and concentration are improved

- Motivation is increased

- Communication is enhanced

- Social contacts improve

- Susceptibility to infections decreases as colleagues like to go out with the dog to get some fresh air.

You can see that a dog can have many positive influences on the daily work routine. There is also the laughter our canine friends bring with their funny antics. It is easy to see why dogs have become important therapy animals in many environments. We at NT-ware are looking forward to further exciting adventures with our four-legged friends.

Source: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5451949/

Interview with our Marketing Product Manager, Lucas!

Interview, September 2021. Lucas is very enthusiastic when it comes to our products uniFLOW Online and uniFLOW sysHUB. Lucas can manage our Software products without being an IT-Specialist. Find out why he loves being part of the Marketing Department.

Lucas, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, I´m Lucas. I have been a Product Manager within NT-ware’s Marketing department since the 1st of April 2019.

What are your responsibilities at NT-ware?

My main responsibilities are taking care of the product marketing for uniFLOW Online and uniFLOW sysHUB. As we launch multiple software releases every year for all of our products, our marketing activities mostly follow the release cycle. This includes delivering webinars to Canon or external partners as well as creating and maintaining marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, presentations, or videos which explain specific functionalities. Communicating with external partners to run product-related projects and Canon to coordinate on product-specific topics is also part of the job.

Why did you choose NT-ware?

I was looking for a new challenge within marketing, preferably with an internationally operating IT company. I´m not a “techie” as such but I am interested in IT and can quickly adapt to new tasks. The job ad was an interesting read and I liked the style as it stood out from other ads. The deciding factor was my personnel interview. My interviewees created a pleasant atmosphere and they promised me the job I was looking for: varied, challenging, within an ever-growing international IT company.

What do you like most about NT-ware?

The most valuable benefits for me are the great work / life balance and the opportunities for personal and professional development as well as the internal and external training provisions. Not forgetting the annual company trip of course; besides great activities, there is the chance to meet colleagues from across the globe, face to face, which we usually only do online - unique!

Interview with our Project Specialist, Ben!

Interview, August 2021. Ben spoke about his interesting job, why it´s worth working for NT-ware and what he likes most about our company!

Ben, can you introduce yourself?

Hi I’m Ben. I have been working as a Project Specialist at NT-ware for more than 2 years.

What are your responsibilities at NT-ware?

Working in the Project team I am responsible for managing / handling incoming requests from our partners and resellers, assisting them with a wide range of topics. Some days I will be answering questions about our software licensing system whilst on other days I will be helping design a printing and scanning solution for potential global customers. When I’m not answering questions for customers / partners, I could be supporting my colleagues in delivering webinars to our community of consultants and technical specialists, discussing new and exciting features which are planned for upcoming product releases. One thing for sure, every day is different which is something I really enjoy!

Why did you choose NT-ware?

I was drawn to NT-ware when looking for my next challenge as I had some experience within the industry and I really liked the idea of working for a fast moving, constantly expanding company. Having worked with NT-ware employees previously, it was clear the different departments work closely together and although the company is growing quickly, there is a family feel about it. Personal development is important to me and it’s something that features highly in NT-ware’s values. Training is always provided for new products plus time and support is given to help you achieve personal goals such as expanding your current skill set or learning something new! All of this is available whether working in one of our offices or as a remote worker like myself being based at home in the UK. This flexibility really allows me to maintain a great work life balance.

What do you like most about NT-ware?

There are lots of great things about NT-ware but for me working for a multinational company supporting colleagues and customers across the globe is fantastic! With some great communication / collaboration tools, I can support people everywhere and I get to experience different cultures and working practises. This coupled with supportive team members and colleagues around me offers a perfect working environment. Another highlight is our annual company trip, where everyone gets together and enjoys a short break packed with exciting activities and time to have fun as a whole company.

Why ergonomic working at home is so important!

Blog, March 2021. As an internationally operating company, it has always been necessary for us to be able to work remotely so that we can work alongside other overseas colleagues without any problems. Thus, we were able to send all our employees to their home offices within a day, without any issues regarding technology.

Unfortunately, the swift transition to home offices has meant that many of us have been working from our dining room tables or the couch for almost a year, with the added interruptions and distractions that family members and domestic demands bring. Others, however, may have already built an office space at home and are thus at least able to create a geographical divide between office and living spaces. Nevertheless, a separate office space alone does not necessarily mean that an ergonomic workplace has been set up. The same applies to temporary workstations in the living space.

What does science and law say about this?

A home working space should be just as well set up as your office working area. This is backed up by the German Occupational Health and Safety Act. In addition to possible tax advantages, at least in Germany, an ergonomic workplace also has positive effects in later life. Currently, an alarming 20-25% of sick leave taken by employers is due to musculoskeletal disorders caused by a less than ideal workspace. Here are a few tips and tricks to make for a more efficient and functioning home working environment. If possible, a height-adjustable table and an ergonomic desk chair should be available. In addition, make sure there is enough fresh air and daylight in the room. If there is no daylight available, or the room is too dark, make sure there is sufficient lighting both overhead and on your desk. In addition, you should get enough exercise in the home office. Regularly getting up and stretching your legs or even taking a short walk during your lunch break can work wonders.

Ergonomic working at NT-ware!

We at NT-ware pay a lot of attention to the health of our employees and will continue to look after the wellbeing of our employees in the home office even after the pandemic. In order to promote ergonomic working we can provide additional IT equipment free of charge e.g. height adjustable monitors. Individual IT equipment can also be purchased from a personal IT budget. You can also take advantage of an electric, height-adjustable desk whether working from home or in the office. For those who still have individual problems such as sheath inflammation, NT-ware can also provide supporting gel cushions and/ or an ergonomic mouse and keyboard. So, apply now to an employer who promotes your health!

Sources: dguv.de/ifa/fachinfos/ergonomie/index.jsp & www.arbeitsrechte.de/home-office/

NT-ware Donations for 2020!

News Dec, 2020. This year we supported the efforts of three organizations with a donation:

Médecins sans frontières (MSF)/Ärzte ohne Grenzen (cross-border medical help): In addition to numerous other activities, MSF is involved in the fight against the coronavirus. Helping people in more than 70 countries significantly affected by the pandemic, they work in health facilities and treatment centers and run hospitals for Covid 19 patients.

Kinderschutzbund Osnabrück (agency for the protection of children): This association is committed to children's interests and rights by providing child protection systems in the city and district of Osnabrück. In addition to counseling and support services, they also offer outpatient therapies.

NDR - Hand-in-Hand für Norddeutschland (hand in hand charity campaign): The German broadcasting company's charity campaign is all about helping disadvantaged people in particular need due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Team PACKOSEL wins OSNAHACK 2020 hackathon

News Jun,2020. This year’s edition of the OSNAHACK once again proposed to boost digitization and make life easier in Osnabrück. Carsten Pape, employee at NT-ware, mentored a young team of highly motivated designers, developers and innovators. 

Together they developed their vision for a smart and relaxing shopping experience in the city center. PACKOSEL was born, a system for conveniently delivering purchased goods to the parking lot or train station, so shoppers don’t have to carry bags and boxes around and reducing traffic density in the city. This year the hackathon had to be conducted online so various communication channels were used to discuss, collaborate, coordinate then present the idea. The closing event was streamed live, showing video submissions from all teams. The concept around PACKOSEL won Carsten’s team first place. Within the next couple of weeks, we will see the PACKOSEL team realize their vision for Osnabrück’s digital future. If you are interested in further information and videos of the final event klick on www.osnahack.de!

NT-ware donated 5000 Euros to support the German Red Cross within the Corona Crisis

News Mar, 2020. 'This crisis connects and affects the whole of society.' Over the past few weeks the German Red Cross (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, DRK) has been helping to fight the coronavirus and to limit its further spread.

DRK employees and volunteers support the authorities by providing mobile medical practices and fever check points across Germany. The relief efforts of the DRK also focus on the care and support of the elderly and other vulnerable persons during the crisis. NT-ware has donated 5000 euros to support the DRK’s important voluntary work and relief action. If you also want to help: www.drk.de/spenden/corona-nothilfsfonds/

NT-ware supports victims of the bush fires in Australia

News Feb, 2020. You will all be aware of record-breaking temperatures and months of severe drought which have fuelled a series of massive bushfires across Australia. As part of our company social responsibilities NT-ware has made a donation to OzHarvest.

OzHarvest is Australia's leading food saving organization; high-quality surplus food is collected from commercial outlets and delivered directly to more than 1300 charities that support people in need across the country. OzHarvest is hosting a CEO CookOff, where business leaders and some of Australia's best chefs will cook and serve meals to over 1,300 vulnerable Australians who have been affected by recent fires, droughts and floods. This unique event provides an opportunity to see the direct impact of the funds raised, as companies can interact with their guests, serve delicious food and provide some hope and dignity. Our Canon colleague Ben Luke is part of the cooking crew for the first time this year. NT-ware has donated $2.510 to OzHarvest to support this great fundraising project. Ben Luke has sent a message of thanks for our support by stating that ”every donation will make a real difference to those in need”. Check out OzHarvest’s website to find out more.

LAN-party at NT-ware organized by a NT-ware colleague

News Feb, 2020. On February 22nd Norbert Bahns a colleague of NT-ware provided a chance to try out eSports and competitive gaming at our NT-ware headquarters. The NT-ware LAN-party (NTWL) was organized by Norbert Bahns’ subsidiary company together with some NT-ware colleagues.

The fourth LAN-party opened the doors to NT-ware employees and friends. Teams were built in mixed mode, based on participants’ skill level, to open up the tournament to any player and to encourage new players. Entertaining and challenging matches provided excellent experiences for all players and the worthy winners are to be congratulated. The next event is already being planned and will take place on October 24th. The next edition, NTWL #5, will be a 'special’ one for strategy games only. Hope to see you there!

The James Bond company trip 2020 to Neustadt, Germany

News Jan,2020. This year’s annual company trip adopted a James Bond/ Casino Royale theme. The whole NT-ware family, from New York, Singapore, Tokyo and Bad Iburg, came together for this special weekend in Neustadt, a city on the Baltic Sea in northern Germany, once known for its port facilities.

Today it is a popular tourist destination with its recreational facilities and culture. We stopped en route in Lübeck on the Friday to enjoy a guided tour through the historic old town and had a delicious 3 course meal at the House of the Seamen´s Guildhall with local delicacies such as tartare of herring fillet and marzipan parfait. Afterwards we went to the 30 km northern city Neustadt, were we reached our final destination and checked into our hotel and enjoyed our free time. The first evening was rounded off with dinner at the hotel accompanied by beautiful live music. Saturday was the big day. After breakfast, various activities such as speed boating, yoga and upcycling classes were organized. Employees were able to choose from a range of options from the very active to the more relaxing by enjoying the hotel’s facilities including the sauna, swimming pool and massages; some opted for a mix of both. The highlight of the trip began at 6pm when everyone went to the fitting room to find some accessories for the James Bond casino night. Everyone wore a suit or an elegant gown and spent the evening in glamorous surroundings with lots of good food, various casino games and a band playing such good music the dance floor was never empty. Following this fun packed weekend we are already curious about where the trip will be in 2021.

Our annual Christmas donation goes to “Kindernothilfe” and “wunderbunt e.v.”

News Dec, 2019. At NT-ware we take our community responsibilities very seriously. What better time than at Christmas to show our commitment?

Every December we donate funds to local charities instead of giving presents to our partners. In 2019, we selected two charities dedicated to working with, protecting and supporting children. Kindernothilfe focuses on protection, provision and participation and supports more than 2.1 million children in Africa, Asia and Latin America by providing humanitarian aid through self-help groups, food and working to conserve resources. Wunderbunt e.v. is an association that offers support and advice to parents of children with rare diseases, developmental delays or those who await a confirmed diagnosis of a disability. Wunderbunt e.V. provides advice and help to families and allows those in need to exchange experiences, ask questions and raise concerns. We at NT-ware feel very fortunate to be able to support these organizations as they provide so much for children and their families.

NT-ware collaborates closely with the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück

News Dec, 2019. As part of a regular exchange with the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, one of our software architects delivered a presentation there about cloud application architectures shortly before Christmas 2019.

The audience comprised students on Professor Rainer Roosmann’s 'Computer Science – Distributed and Mobile Applications' Master program course. The focus was on our Microsoft Azure-based software for uniFLOW Online, elasticity and horizontal scaling, distributed data stores and messaging. Carsten also presented the 'Ports & Adapters' architectural pattern which was recently introduced into the back end of uniFLOW Online. This was Carsten’s second presentation at the university; he talked to students in April about Security Engineering, raising awareness in particular about security considerations during application development, and interactively presenting best practices in secure coding. With their in-depth knowledge and high level of skills, NT-ware’s employees are able to maintain a close collaboration with universities. Added to that, we want to share our knowledge with students and make them aware of NT-ware as a modern development company within the region.

NT-ware has been recognized as the most family-friendly employer in the Osnabrück region

News Oct, 2019. In spring, the county of Osnabrück invites companies to propose themselves as the most family-friendly employer in the region.

This certification has become more significant for businesses as the work-life balance of family and career is a primary issue today and in the future. Businesses are under pressure to offer benefits such as flexible working hours, on-site day care center and home working options. After companies had put themselves forward for the award, the judges selected some nominees for the next step - a visit by judges to assess each organization and its family friendly benefits. Judges visited NT- ware in Bad Iburg during the summer of 2019, toured the offices and our HR department answered a range of questions. In October 2019, we were delighted to hear that NT-ware was declared to be the most family-friendly employer in the region. In late October the award was given to us at an official awards ceremony. We are very proud of the award as it establishes the company as one of the strongest businesses in the Osnabrück region and as a pioneering industry for employees.

Recruiting new talents: NT-ware at pitch club developer edition Germany

News Sept, 2019. The Pitch Club Developer Edition provides a unique environment where IT companies have the opportunity to meet 60-80 preselected software developers in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, in order to recruit new talents.

Companies represent their organization in short 6-minute pitches. Developers then have the opportunity to gain a more in-depth knowledge about a company through 1-on-1 talks with company representatives. These events take place in large and mid-sized German and Austrian cities several times a year. It is obvious to NT-ware that this event is a good way to recruit new talents with innovative ideas. In 2019 we therefore attended three Pitch Club events in Dortmund and Bielefeld where our project director, Peter, talked about general facts and benefits of NT-ware with a focus on what we have achieved in 20 years. As prospective candidates are especially interested in companies who have a vision and are able to point out why they need new employees the NT-ware vision was an integral part of the presentation. Using a global map, Peter showed where uniFLOW products are sold, what our market penetration strategy is and what NT-ware aims to achieve within the next few years. Afterwards Michael, our development manager , focused on working environments in the software and quality assurance departments, highlighting the benefits of working in small teams, and presented the used tool chains. During these events we met several software developers with a great vision matching ours at NT-ware and we are looking forward to participating in more Pitch Club Events in the upcoming year.