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Are you enthusiastic about IT, perhaps you already belong to a community in your spare time (gamer, LAN parties, etc.) and want to combine your hobby and work life with formal training or a dual study program? Take a look at our jobs board to see whether we have a training position that suits you right now! Worried that your school English won’t be sufficient? Take it easy—but still apply. If necessary, we can train you up in language courses. Would you like to do an internship with us during your Bachelor’s or Master’s program? Our doors are open to you here, too.

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Experience report

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Testing, testing 1, 2, 3, ... Hello, I’m Janina Torbecke, recently hired quality assurance specialist at NT-ware. I got a really good induction and still benefit from great courses and even better colleagues. My learning curve? Steep!

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Testing, testing 1, 2, 3, ... Hello! I’m Janina Torbecke, recently hired quality assurance specialist at NT-ware, and you could say I’m one of those people whom nothing gets past. My job is to put all the software developed here to the acid test and to purge it of every bug I can find.

“Please show us your typical working pose”—well, not quite. But in fact, when automatic tests are running, there’s often quite a lot of waiting around. In my department, our offices are arranged to accommodate 2 people each, which means you can focus really well. Other things I like: they place a very high value on QA here; for every 2-3 developers there are 2 QA people working with them!

Every 2 weeks a masseur comes on site—one of many benefits that are on offer here. In addition to the absolutely great work environment, the quality and professionalism of the QA department played a role in my decision to work for NT-ware. My educational specialization was software verification, which borders on the outlandish, but I find I can really contribute here. That was important to me.

My job at NT-ware in three words? Quality, teamwork and support. I had a really good orientation phase, and I learn a lot in seminars and from co-workers and my work is predominantly team-based. My goal was a solid company with a lot of expertise and without a high staff turnover—and that’s exactly what I have found in NT-ware!

Even at the interview, I got the feeling that people here relate very informally. If you have any questions, you can always find someone who is willing to listen and who has the right answer. When I am able to make our software better, that feels great—but at the moment there’s hardly anything I would improve about NT-ware as an employer!

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