uniFLOW Embedded Applet for Canon imageRUNNER with AddOn platform

The uniFLOW Embedded Applet for Canon imageRUNNER with AddOn platform increases the device security and user productivity. With these embedded applets, users may print, copy and scan securely and are able to select a cost center directly at the device.

The ZIP files include both, the applications and their corresponding license file. For the installation and configuration of the applets, please refer to the uniFLOW User Manual

Note: The uniFLOW Embedded Applet for Canon imageRUNNER with AddOn platform requires an uniFLOW Embedded Device License for MEAP, which must be licensed through uniFLOW separately.


License Access Numbers (LAN)

uniFLOW AddOn ClientV5.4LCGV-ZKH5-PNA9-7VDA
uniFLOW AddOn ClientV5.3.2BVM6-FPDM-A6XA-2SH2
uniFLOW AddOn ClientV5.2.1CFKH-VG52-YB7W-C6GG
uniFLOW AddOn ClientV5.1ZG54-JBZ6-DM9H-GM9T
uniFLOW AddOn ClientV4.16.3ZU6Q-CHAP-3448-FM89
uniFLOW AddOn ClientV4.15.1Q2R5-FA89-CQJS-DNEC
uniFLOW AddOn ClientV4.148KCK-FTH8-EY47-62PA
uniFLOW AddOn ClientV4.13.669RQ-FXXM-DU6M-5R4D
uniFLOW AddOn ClientV4.12.1PYQV-3EQX-3J8V-UUYJ
uniFLOW AddOn ClientV4.11.1D7J6-VYEA-XCQX-UEZ2
uniFLOW AddOn Scan ClientV5.4Y6S5-4F3Z-LJCQ-JE8H
uniFLOW AddOn Scan ClientV5.3.2DEE4-RNTP-SYXD-G2HT
uniFLOW AddOn Scan ClientV5.2.16USS-DHCX-JW6G-UNQS
uniFLOW AddOn Scan ClientV5.1S4MG-VFGH-UTT6-H8CA
uniFLOW AddOn Scan ClientV4.16.3WQQ6-7NJU-QHAH-93FD
uniFLOW AddOn Scan ClientV4.15.1LYT7-Z4WB-KG6B-D9F4
uniFLOW AddOn Scan ClientV4.14L7RM-JCSG-U8DB-HSGS
uniFLOW AddOn Scan ClientV4.13.65NGU-36RL-QECE-NJEV
uniFLOW AddOn Scan ClientV4.12.18PTF-VKPJ-J6HR-M6YH
uniFLOW AddOn Scan ClientV4.11.1DPF4-Y84S-3XMQ-ZGP9
uniFLOW AddOn Login ManagerV5.47EPQ-URVK-A7WN-BQHU
uniFLOW AddOn Login ManagerV5.3.2R38V-CXWV-CDVZ-VNEC
uniFLOW AddOn Login ManagerV5.2.1XLAS-Q3P8-Y6KQ-LLXF
uniFLOW AddOn Login ManagerV5.1QER5-PBN3-F8LK-RTFC
uniFLOW AddOn Login ManagerV4.16.3PJ2L-V993-9QZL-57HV
uniFLOW AddOn Login ManagerV4.15.1H26U-8CSQ-ZBUG-6UNN
uniFLOW AddOn Login ManagerV4.14LB99-6DRK-AWNA-3WQU
uniFLOW AddOn Login ManagerV4.13.6CW7M-PC27-AD5L-M27G
uniFLOW AddOn Login ManagerV4.12.1H7Q3-WK6M-XD2Z-ZYHP
uniFLOW AddOn Login ManagerV4.11.1JFHN-32S3-CVLM-563E