uniFLOW Release Station

The uniFLOW Release Station is an easy-to-use external terminal with a touch screen and an embedded card reader that can be used for releasing secure print jobs with uniFLOW or uniFLOW Online. As part of the multi-vendor offering, it can be connected to virtually any device. Furthermore, the uniFLOW Release Station allows print accounting and - if a device-specific copy control cable is available - also copy accounting.

Installation & configuration

1. Please download the detailed installation and configuration manual from the link below.

2. If you need to update the firmware of your uniFLOW Release Station, you can download the latest version here. Please refer to the uniFLOW Release Station Installation & Configuration manual for an explanation of how to update the firmware.

3. If you own a uniFLOW Release Station PLUS, you will need the rf IDEAS Configuration Utility to configure the built-in MiCard PLUS (Rev. 2) card reader with specific settings.