uniFLOW Embedded Applet for Xerox

Managed by uniFLOW, embedded applications allow for an easy integration of devices from different manufacturers within your device fleet. The uniFLOW Embedded Applet for Xerox is installed on the device and provides users with the benefits of secure printing. As costs can be tracked accurately by uniFLOW, internal costs can be charged back correctly by the finance department and current usage audited.

Installation & configuration

1. Download
Download the applet from the below download section.

2. Installation
Download the installation manual from the below download section and follow the instructions.

3. Licensing
Refer to the uniFLOW user manual in order to license the applet.

4. Configuration
Refer to the uniFLOW user manual in order to configure the applet.

If an older applet version is required, please contact us via the NT-ware Customer Portal/your local Canon representative.

Please note

Compatibility / device requirements

Please note that the uniFLOW Embedded Applets for Xerox V1.2 and 1.4 only support firmware versions beginning with version 073.xxx or higher. These firmware versions include the EIP V2.0 or higher, which is required for the applet. With older firmware versions with EIP V1.5, you can only use the uniFLOW Embedded Applet for Xerox V1.1. Check your device for the installed firmware version to determine which applet can be used. Please refer to the installation manual chapter “Compatibility/device requirements” for a device compatibility list.